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Constant growth

with comercial experience in more than 30 countries.

We cultivate ideas

to offer you the best products and services.

More than 40 years

of experience with effort and dedication.

We take care of the environment,

the really important, our home.


“Chemistry and technology in harmony with nature” has been our slogan for more than 40 years that describes best our mission. We operate within the chemistry sector as the company that brings innovative high-end solutions to our costumers in construction, industry, agriculture, and cattle raising. Our first priority in developing solutions for our clients is the social responsibility.


SATECMA, being the leader in today’s world in chemistry solution products for construction, industry, agriculture, and cattle raising, is considered a technological partner for all our client portfolio. Hand in hand with our costumers, we bring not only high-end products but also high value added solutions that contribute to the development, cost reduction, and growth of our clients.


  • Quality: we respond to most rigorous standards worldwide; thus we own the ISO EN9001.
  • Social responsibility: we satisfy all social responsibility requirements through the ISO EN1401
  • Compromise: all new entrants in the company are to be part of our costumer oriented business model that makes our Live Motive out of the costumer’s needs and wants.
  • Capitation: Our chemists, biologists, industry engineers, technicians, and sales forces are highly qualified and formed to make real all of our costumer’s needs and expectations.
  • Collective knowledge management: we focus on doing “more with less” thanks to an edge technology that helps sharing knowledge among the company employees as to generate value added on our solutions.
  • Transparency and leadership: SATECMA is a 2nd generation company audited in its main working areas. The company structure does not have managers but leaders that push capabilities beyond the limits.




omar cuadrado reyes


The effort and dedication that have taken us to the point in which we are after 35 years in the market is going to continue being the engine that drives us to continue our development and growth in aeternum.

D. Omar Cuadrado Reyes


...since the beginning of its activity in 1976 as an independent Spanish company, has been developing the project of its creation to give form to an organization of national scope, with the entrepreneurial spirit and the intention to attack the international markets, which has allowed us to sell in more than 60 countries around the world. SATECMA is a group of chemistry industries known by its constant innovation. Our main concerns are the environment and the excellence; thus we are one of the few Spanish companies with zero contamination. Our image and reputation are based on the millions square meters all over the world treated using our products for waterproof, cement, and acrylics such as the epoxy etc. Since we are selling in more than 60 countries, we have got thousands of references at national and international level therefore our products respond to the most rigorous international standards.

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“Manufacturing since 1976”