Environmental Commitment

jefe seattle

"Only when the last river have been poisoned, cut the last tree and killed the last fish, men will realize that not everything money can buy."

Chief Seattle to the United States Congress. 1854​

Chemical Industries Satecma...

...during the 40 years of business in the domestic and international markets, INDUSTRIAS QUÍMICAS SATECMA, S.A., has focused much of its efforts to Quality and the Environment. Not surprisingly, since the beginning, its slogan has been, and remains, "Chemistry and Technology in harmony with nature"

Going back to the 90, SATECMA anticipated the trend of the moment and decided to direct a significant portion of its resources, both human and financial, to create a culture of quality; more than that, a philosophy of quality, which was materialized in obtaining a Registered Company Certificate by AENOR according to ISO 9001 Standard (ER-0005 / 1994). The Quality System is fully imbued throughout the organization, leading to all the staff is quite involved with it. In turn, continuous improvement sets the pace of system performance, always "in search of excellence".

SATECMA considers that the protection of the environment is a key goal in its strategic policy. This has led to major investments in recent years to try to ensure that the manufacture of our products not only meet strict legislation, but goes a step further and helps maintain the environment balance. In response to this effort, SATECMA, a pioneer in its sector as so often, got in 1999 the Registered Company Certficate by AENOR according to ISO 14001 Standard (GA-0195/1999).