Long lasting water repellent for vertical surfaces


IMPERMEABILIZANTE 10AG is the result of a long research in order to develop a water repellent-waterproofing for treating façades made of materials such as brick, siliceous calcareous brick, natural and artificial stone, mineral rendering and in general made of the most frequent materials used in this type of construction.
IMPERMEABILIZANTE 10AG is formulated based on solvents and modified siloxanes with low molecular weight (low molecule size), which makes easier the penetration in the treated supports and more penetration depth, thus providing more hydrorepellent efficiency and more time of efficiency for the treatment.
Treating the substrates with IMPERMEABILIZANTE 10AG as impregnating solution, we make possible the formation of an inner barrier of water repellent properties, non-adherent and with the peculiarity of having a high vapour diffusion rate. The final consequences provided by this type of barriers to the construction materials in vertical walls are:
* Keeps the façades clean since it does not allow the fixing of the smog (smoke and fog)
* Hydrorepellent characteristics.
* Keeps vapour transpiration.
* Avoids formation of dampness coming from outside.
* Avoids the appearing of efflorescences.
* More resistance to freeze-thawn cycles.
* Longer lasting of the materials.
* Energy savings (heating: does not let dampness pass)

Due to its special composition, the application of IMPERMEABILIZANTE 10AG does not alter or change colour of most of materials, but, given the great number of materials used in building façades and the great differences between materials which are supposed to have the same origin, it’s necessary to make corresponding previous tests, in order to assure the final results.
Due to the structural composition of the siloxane in the resin, IMPERMEABILIZANTE 10AG has good alkali resistance, which allows a high hydrorepellent action treatment on alkaline materials.

IMPERMEABILIZANTE 10AG is especially developed for hydrofugal treatment of most of the materials used in building outside vertical walls in civil works, industrial premises, etc.


Contents5L, 10L and 25 L

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