Plasticiser for mortars and concretes

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PLASTICONS is a mass admixture for manufacturing mortars and concrete, with a plasticising -fluidising character, supplied at a very high concentration. PLASTICONS, used as a mixture in the recommended dose, improves, for mortars and concrete, among others, the following characteristics:
* Increases mass plasticity, getting more workable mortars, and as a consequence, easier to apply with smoother finishes, without cracks.
* Reduces the trend of aggregates to disgregate during concrete transport.
* Allows reducing greatly the cement/water rate when preparing masses thus giving better resistance for the same workability.
* Increases adherence of mortar and concrete to meshes, reinforcement and other surfaces, thus allowing for rendering and raisings, the application of thicker coats.
* Provides greasier pastes, so the mixing machines are cleaner, since there’s less adherence of the paste.
* Makes unmoulding operations easier.
* High concentration, thus being unexpensive. With 1 litre of PLASTICONS we can treat up to 8000 kg of cement.

PLASTICONS can be used with any type of mortar and concrete base on Portland cement or similar, for works in floor slabs, rendering, in placing mosaics, terrazzo, tiles, roof tiles, etc.


Number 1409
Contents 5 L, 10 L and 25 L

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