Industrial cleaner and degreaser


PROQUIL-15 is a highly concentrated, alkaline degreaser-cleaner, formulated based on tensoactives, humidifying agents, dyes, solvents, etc., which remove remains from grease and other dirt using its high humidifying, emulsifying and solvent power. It penetrates into the most difficult places removing the dirt and keeping it in suspension so it is easily taken away while rinsing, leaving the surfaces completely clean.

PROQUIL-15 due to its studied formulation:
* Does not damage painted surfaces, provided the dilutions are the right ones.
* Reduces surface tension, making easier the penetration of the product.
* Cleans without scratching or leaving remains after final rinsing.
* Its controlled foam makes easier the control of the cleaning operations.
* Concentrated product. It’s normally used diluted with water in different proportions.

PROQUIL-15 is especially recommended, among others, in the following uses:
* Cleaning of surfaces with grease, oils, resins, nicotine remains, mould and organic dirt in general.
* It can be applied, in the right dilutions, on surfaces made of metal, cement, ceramic, plastic, rubber, terrazzo, tiled and enamelled surfaces, etc., In general on every type of surface which can be in contact with water.
* It’s especially recommended for cleaning and upkeeping machinery and surfaces in order to get a good cleaning without damaging materials and painted surfaces.


Number 1324
Contents 5 L, 10 L and 25 L

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