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PROQUIL-B is a product with cleaning and polishing effect, which has been designed for being used on non-porous surfaces. In general, it can be applied on any type of surface that can be in contact with water.
It’s formulated based on non-ionic tensoactives, humidifying products and carefully chosen and emulsfied silicon derivatives. Its special composition allows light dirt cleaning and polishing of surfaces, all in an only operation, giving high gloss and dust-repelling properties. At the same time, its very fine protective film keep the treated surfaces clean for longer times.
Its special composition does not damage painted, lacquered or varnished surfaces, giving them high gloss degree.

The use of PROQUIL-B is especially recommended in cleaning and polishing mirrors, chrome-plated, gilded surfaces, glazed wall tiles, lacquered furniture, metacrylate, etc.; in general for cleaning and polishing all surfaces where it can be used as cleaning product.
It should be noticed its use in automobiles for polishing bodyworks, glasses, chrome-plated bumpers, plastic seats, etc.


Number 1313
Contents 10 L and 25 L

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