Binder resin for gardening

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It is a product based on water emulsions free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) designed for use as a decorative aggregate binder by mixing it in mixer or by spraying onto the aggregates. Aggregates are thus set and adhered to each other to prevent disintegration due to the weather conditions such as rain and wind.
It has matting agents (which removes the ugly glare). It practically does not alter the appearance of the stone. Specially engineered and designed to blend with different types of aggregates used in landscaping and construction of pavements of garden. It provides a decorative and functional finish.

* Environmentally friendly, no odors or fumes from volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
* Easy to use both for mixing and spraying, supports adding between 3% and 5% water to apply by spraying.
* Large set of aggregate compacted.  Does not change color or yellow with solar radiation.  Maintain the natural drainage of the agglomerate of aggregates.
* Great performance by requiring very small amount of product in relation to aggregates.
* Prevents accidents and falls caused by the existence of loose aggregates in gardens and roundabouts, preventing the aggregates are loose and are dismissed by the wheels of vehicles.


Binder of aggregates in gardening, compaction and fixation of aggregates around trees and in roundabouts, traffic islands, etc.

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