Highly flexible cementitious waterproofing coating


TECMADRY® FLEX 2C is a two-component predosed product based on special cements and synthetic resins in emulsion. TECMADRY® FLEX 2C achieves an efficient waterproofing of the surfaces on which it is applied, avoiding the passage of water through them and acting in conditions in favour of pressure. In addition, when it is convenient to assemble (SATECMA BAND AD, ARMAR FIBER 100, etc.) and due to its high flexibility, it is capable of bridging small cracks that occur in the substrate due to settlements, thermal expansion, etc., thus maintaining the impermeability and protection of the support. It allows for the transpiration of the support. It is recommended on concrete, mortar and masonry supports. Due to its high resistance to the exterior and its unbeatable finish, it can be left visible without the need for painting, achieving the aesthetic and decorative properties of other finishes.

TECMADRY® FLEX 2C is especially recommended:
* In waterproofing work on cracked supports or which may suffer small movements (such as terraces and roofs), always suitably reinforced with reinforcement of the type FIBRA DE ARMAR 100 and SATECMA BAND AD (singular points), taking extreme precautions in the execution of the different singular points (floorwall joints, expansion joints, union of different materials, etc.).
* In emergency waterproofing on roofs and terraces on very damp supports or in the event of eminent rainfall, due to the impossibility of using other waterproofing agents on roofs that are sensitive to the humidity of the support.
* In the protection and waterproofing work of the various civil engineering structures: tunnels, irrigation channels, silos, beams and pillars on bridges, dams, treatment plants, etc.
* Waterproofing of water tanks, ponds, swimming pools, fountains, planters, etc.
* Waterproofing and protection of basements and foundations, underground passageways, walls, etc., always working under direct pressure.
* In the waterproofing and protection of structural concrete against carbonation, aggressive environments (industrial, marine, etc.), freeze-thaw cycles, etc.
* In the waterproofing of bathrooms, changing rooms, kitchens and other damp areas inside buildings.


Contents sack 25 kg and carafe 10 kg

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