Lubricating oil for being used in foodstuff industry


TECMALUB-ALM is a totally clear, colourless, synthetic lubricating oil which after being submitted to the necessary refining processes, becomes completely free from aromatic hydrocarbons. That means a toxicity free product, with a high lubricating power and an excellent stability against environmental oxidation.
The special refining processes and the quality of the original lubricating oil, make possible that the final TECMALUB-ALM may fulfill the main European and American standards and regulations, such as USP XXIII, DAB 1998, BP 93, CODEES 1990, CFR 172.878 , F.D.A. among others.
The high lubricating power when applying a small amount of TECMALUB-ALM in systems and equipments, makes easier the movement of the moving parts since it reduces the friction rates of the materials giving as a result and improvement in the behaviour and less wear in elements and surfaces submitted to friction.

due to its lack of toxicity, its high behaviour, lubricating and sliding power is especially recommended as lubricating oil for machinery and moving elements in general where it reduces friction rates between moving parts thus improving the behaviour and reducing wear.

Due to its special composition and its lack of toxicity TECMALUB-ALM is turned into the most recommended lubricating oil in industries where an oil with medicine quality and free from toxicity is required, such as: foodstuff conditioning and packaging industries (abattoirs, wine industries, bakers, meta processing); agroalimentary industries (selection, conditioning and packaging of fruits and vegetables); animal feedingstuff, pharmaceutical industries, dermopharmacy, cosmetics, veterinary industries, etc.
Lubrication in moving elements, conveyor belts, machinery for packaging and transport in abattoirs, meta industries, packaging systems for drinks, fruit and vegetable selection, dough mixers, etc.
Since the product is completely free from silicones, it’s recommended in umoulding plastics
which could be in contact with foodstuff (always making previous tests)
Highly recommended in those operations for lubricating high precision devices and measure equipments, where it’s required an oil which is white, odourless and stable to the environmental oxidation.


Number 1046 / 1222
Contents 650 cc  5 L,10 L and  25 L

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