Perfumed scale-remover and façade cleaner

Perfumed scale-remover and façade cleaner

DESCA-2F/P is an acid chemical scale-remover, which has been especially developed for removing efflorescences on brick surfaces, due to the salts extracted from the materials as an effect of dampness, and the subsequent formation, after water vaporisation, of the typical whitish stains of areas with efflorescences.
Formulated based on a special combination or organic and inorganic acids, it has the uncommon characteristic of absence of acre odours, which has allowed us to present a perfumed product with a nice scent high efficiency and easy use.
Its careful composition has a high penetration, and a great detergent power, which allows easy removing of remainders of cement, mortar, salts and greases. Used in the suitable dilutions, it does not attack paints in good state.

DESCA-2F/P is especially recommended in uses such as:
 Cleaning of brick façades.
 Removing of salts coming from efflorescences.
 Cleaning of cement remainders on metal surfaces.
 Cleaning of mortar remainders in construction.
 Restoring of the original colour in brick and concrete façades.

Contents5 L, 10 L y 25 L

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